Getting shit done – Part 0

At a meetup for women at Google Campus London this morning, I pitched my nascent blog for feedback. There were a number of women in digital branding and marketing, so it was a super opportunity to check in and get some advice.

We know bitches get stuff done, but how exactly?

I struggle with how to position this blog, because my own interests feel so wide-ranging, even within the scope of women’s issues: I firmly believe there is a difference between “feminism” and “women’s empowerment,” much as they may or may not overlap (something I’ll explore soon.) And I firmly believe both are important to women today trying to juggle their personal and political feminism with the realities of kicking ass in day-to-day life under patriarchy.

One topic that kept coming up this morning–and one that I find myself lighting up to talk about–is personal productivity. We know bitches get stuff done, but how exactly? In this post I’ll break down the tools I use to manage school, work, and those Big Life Goals.

  1. Pick Five Things
  2. The Important and The Urgent
  3. Get It Out of Your Head (Tools for Managing To-Do’s)
  4. But (Your) Emails!
  5. Aggressive Scheduling
  6. Take It Easy on Yourself

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