Why I won’t ever shut up about Hillary Clinton (h/t Dame Magazine)

From The Future Is Female—And Still Unrelentingly Misogynist | Dame Magazine:
(White) male media dominance drove the 2016 election narrative, helping to elect a dangerously incompetent POTUS over Hillary Clinton – and it continues to denigrate the powerful women following in her footsteps.

Love this article by one of my heros @sarahlerner.

Most (all) of us alleged “Hillbots” do have complex and nuanced opinions on HRC as a candidate. This is why the term grates on me so furiously: it’s not that I think she’s infallible. But the more that men (and women) on the left, and those self-described independents too smart to be susceptible to political bias, insist on picking her apart flaw-by-flaw, the more I will dig my heels in to support her. Because Hillary Clinton is a complex and multi-faceted human being, not some cardboard cutout of the Exceptional Woman. Men and women who ignore this subtlety, reduce her supporters to caricatures in the same way.

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